April 30, 2007


I wasn't notified about this training organized for support staff at work until Monday evening. It starts on Tuesday and it well, is mandatory I attend cos $$$s have already gone into it. Perfunctorily, I went in on Tuesday morning and found this hall full with other participants...No, I didn't have time to prepare my mind for what was coming, but I thought it's time I try one of my Human Relations 101 skills. It was a hall of diversity, mainly from other African countries. For some odd reason, some of them didn't look too friendly and I couldn't help not giving a damn about them. Three Guineans who spoke French amongst themselves, usually sitting huddled together, an Indian-Pakistani looking guy...his pants were so tight that he resembles a stick man. He looked more like a hacker to me 'cos he really knew stuff. Then there's this raucous Arab fellow in the class...his first name is Jihad. He knows a lot and doesn't hesitate letting all around him know this. Everywhere there's some sorta discussion, argument, you find him, his voice of higher pitch than everyone else, gesturing with all of his torso. Getting close enough especially during lunch and networking time, I could hear him use the word "bloody" in 2 of every 5 sentence he makes. He was fun to watch though, even though he appeared hot blooded. Then we had our Nigerians who were present, they tend to show off their backgrounds, they know better than everyone else and you can't be them. Humph! In all sha, I met some people like me of humble beginnings and we had a jolly good time in between all that.

*Count four columns from the right and you'd see Mr. Jihad
*Right in front, you'd see Mr.tightpants-Stickman

The training got boring in between and I wished I wasn't even there, esp. when it got difficult and I had a hard time following with all the complex information. Who even sent me in there self? *mshew* Good thing is, though, I picked enough that I will love to perfect on and if I have to work with someone more savvy than I am, which would most likely be the case, we can synergize our efforts, and give good result. I'm counting on that.

Not to forget is the plenty of food available. Indian kini kan rice, baked vegetables and all those orishirishi intercontinental dishes...I helped myself handsomely, 'cos I knew I wouldn't have the time to do it like I did due to the high cost and time involved with settling such on the table. It wasn't bad after all....

I spent the night with one of my good home boys sometime in the week 'cos I couldn't hit home that day 'cos it was late already and it threatened raining. It was fun, watched SouthPark, played pool and all. By the way, SouthPark rocks!

I just thought I'd let y'all know i'm doing good. Will come back with gist about my mischief and some other things I did on my trip.

April 23, 2007

So Far, So Good...

Another election weekend passed, starting on Friday. Counting down till May 29th when they'd handover and we can breathe normalcy in Naija again. I'm getting fed up with all the hype. Needless to say, I had to take the time off again to recuperate 'cos they be killin me on le job. Sometimes I just feel like I should hide stuff I know from people and have them "leave me be". But what other way is there to hone my skills and prove that I'm capable? If it could happen, I'd have myself torn in parts, a part of me problem-solving here and the other elsewhere, just like that. Maybe it's part of the growing up phase and gathering experience, but I swear it's not funny.

So I felt sick from Thursday and was just counting down till close of work that day. Friday morning got an unexpected call from my telepathy partner all the way from yonder. It felt so good sha 'cos it must've been like something was felt and the call was made. Nice way to start that day. But hey, little did I know the weekend was gonna be busy. I practically owned the kitchen all weekend cos momsie and popsie's fever went up a notch. Again everything fell back on me 'cos no one else would tend to that.

Starting Saturday lasting all through Sunday, I did ALL the cooking, except for when one of my homeboys came around on Sunday and I coerced him to squeeze the bitter-leaf for me - I handled everything else. It just was an opportunity to prove my worth to the parents because they probably believe I've lost it and they keep singing it, especially mom who'd readily draw a contrast with how things used to be back in '01. Not just by helping out around the home, but also in the religious side and how "serious" I was back then. Oh yes, mom, I was in high school back then and had most of the time to help around then. Also, there were no distractions back then 'cos I looked up to you guys to feed, clothe and guide me. Not anymore. I'm all grown up now and you've got to start getting used to these changes. I don't blame them though. You can only be parents once...you learn while you are on the job. So watching those nude kids grow into adults who call the shots usually doesn't settle well, esp. when they see those "shots" from a different angle.

Like some would say, "Holy Spirit ministered to me" this past weekend 'cos it was a different me. Washing, cooking and cleaning, without complaints. Before it was just one of the three, or none. And when mom would complain, I'd shrug it off, and it stung more. Well, I felt obliged though cos I wouldn't probably be able to do that for them any more, at some point. Just reading CalabarGal's retrospective posts on mom and dad knocked some sense into me. So while I try to steer my life, I'd try to draw a balance with also being there for them while I still have them, now.

I got some accolades and blessings from mom for a "job-well-done" and taking care of them. That was more fulfilling! At least a difference from the usual "talking-tos" that has been the norm for as far back as I can remember. And dad also had something to say. Actually, it was a good time to show them I still love them and always will, esp. remembering the most recent altercation which made the man cry. Yes, Yosh actually made dad cry and it's almost surprising how words can hurt. It hit the wrong joint and I really didn't anticipate such reaction from him, though at a much later time.

Bottom-line - I can be rustic when I have to be and I've got nothing but love goin' on under the façade of indifference that's more obvious.

In the midst of all the buzz over the weekend, I was able to finish a Western, one from the Trailsman series (Silver Fever). This cowboy with raging hormones, heads an expedition and beds about every woman in the group, even the "Reverend's" wife. Well, it has a lot of twist, cos in the end the Reverend's wife turned out to be the mole that had set up so much impediments that almost brought the whole expedition to a halt, all in an effort to eliminate the experienced trailsman from leading the group. If she'd succeeded, she'd split the loot with these other guys and every other member of the party would go at a loss. So much action, and mind-blowing dangers to overcome in there...the whole thing ended with having to battle these Sioux Indians after they'd reached the silver mine. Everyone else in the group died, except the Trailsman and this lady who from the outset was stubborn but came around eventually. The Trailsman didn't settle down to blow the fortune with her as I'd expected. He had unfinished business from his past life and had to move on, leaving his own share of the fortune with his aide and accomplice's widowed sister. His aide died in the battle with the Sioux. Quite a good book! I'm expecting another get-6 for the price of 5-deal later on this week and I'll post the books I got from this one.

Someone's slipping off the blogging, and some other people's blogs are getting quiet, just when I'm getting all comfy...just like it began happening on Xanguh. I'm not naming names sha. Talk about not reading OWNB's inside-out posts and the resultant comments. Well, I'd want to take the "blog might resurrect" side, against "complete timeout/self-destruct". And as for those who are quiet, at least for now, it's pro'ly understandable, busy schedules and all. We all can't be winners at the same time. So I'd take a chill pill on that.
Happy Spring-Summer leave to VTI. But darn, 1 month +! You should try to drop a sentence or two in between, at least somewhere in between those times. I hope you have a good one, till you get back.

Wienna, where are you? SG no pursue my potential kini o! 'nuff said! :D

April 16, 2007

Kilo'n hapun?

I really missed you blog guys o! Forreals, 'cos I really saw the need, more than ever to get this internet thingy @ home so we can continue from wherever we stopped during the day (my time, or the other way) and I cannot wait to really jumpstart the process. But I feel awon aiye kinda have some hands in me not being able to pull that one off, yet. But we shall see who's tougher.

So where do I start? From Wednesday, actually 'cos it was since then I started getting wind of some out-of-the-blue holiday proposed by the Fed. Govt. Be that as it may, it had some political-beef undertones, but I wouldn't bother going there now. We just had to go with the crowd. So trying to meet and beat some schedule starting then, I couldn't really get to pull off any stunts to drop by some blog lines. I'll just dedicate this post to some peeves from before my online break, thoroughly starting Thursday and lasting thru d weekend:

Prior to Friday:

I was pulled into this project 'cos I was told I "had a lot of experience to gather" if I participate. I couldn't object. Well, I did "get" some things, but I wasn't overly impressed because, well I simply wasn't fascinated with this "discovery". Sometimes I wish I could just quit my job or this whole tech-business career, get a lot of money on my hand to hook me up to the internet, sit on the computer all day and do things I really find interest in: Reading the classics, studying Social sciences and other humanities-related stuff and just blending minds with others with similar interest. Sounds like a good retirement idea? No? Well, sha, this last week got me thinking in that line.

Anyhoos, one of the guy on the project just pushed off this heat that didn't settle well with me. So in the angst that followed, I opened my eyes to seeing stuff that I normally would ignore. I guess talking about this peoples' quirks will go a long way with helping me deal with it, and others I cannot mention now:

*Snoring: Why do some men, and sometimes women, snore? To me, it is very disgusting and embarrassing. And I guess it's because I'm not a victim of this "ill" that's making me talk about it in this manner. Those who are involved claim it is an involuntary reality, but hmmm, na wa o! My dad snores, my brothers snore, amongst other close ppl. But I no like the thing at all and I've tried talking my folks into trying to kill it, but it seems it's just not working.

Well, two incidents this past week: This one guy I was working with, he breathes so loudly you'd think he's sleeping. I kept peeking above the PC at intervals to make sure he won't dent the computer monitor when his head bangs. But that's just how he is. He's chubby, has gathered a lot of meat around his neck area and has fairly rotund tummy. And when he walks just over a short distance, his breathing increases rapidly like he's been working the treadmill like a mo'fo. I feel bad for him and I cannot imagine being with him in the same room at night.

The other incident was with the cab driver, coincidentally, though. Dude had kola-battered-teeth that had gone through a lot of discoloration. But that wasn't the hit. Everytime he exhaled, it's more like he snore-sighed from a deep slumber. No, he was grunting, really! I felt bad for the man sha. And had to keep checking him out as we rode to ensure he isn't snoozing behind the wheels.

*Bad Breath: So one of those mornings we had to report to site on time, this other guy came with a new one. He claims he hurriedly left home and didn't have breakfast. I'd assume that brushing your mouf before u leave home would to a good extent help reduce the fetor coming from the pie hole. But this guy carried his morning breath from his arrival, way into noon. It was hard for me working with him 'cos we had to communicate often and sharing the same computer monitor with him at those times was war.

Halitosis is a big downer. That is just unprofessional, to me sha. I see a lot of respectable-looking, dressed-to-kill individuals, but all of those "flyness" fly outta d window once they open their mouth to speak. I mean, whatever career path u choose, I think there's some General Elective on Health Management tips and such where you learn personal hygiene 101. Shizzus!

*"Singing": There are people who love music. Music is so powerful that it wells up your deepest emotions and feelings and you just can't help but to respond to the stimuli, either by humming, rocking yourself in the seat, wherever you are or even outright dancing. But all these are different from trying to impress and you end up killing the mood totally. How do I mean? Well, if you don't know the lyrics to a song, you can do two things: Check up on it and try mastering some part or whole of the song, so u can happily and confidently sing along when the song is on. Or the other option: shut the fuck up already and stop bothering me with your high-pitch, monotonous tunes. You aren't doing the song, artist or yourself any favors. Unfortunately, you happen to be the most heard cos you are so friggin loud!

*After-Loo Use: Wash AND dry your hands once you are out of that shege. Don't come out, hands wet/moist, dripping water on me or objects around. ALSO, do your zippers up and tuck your shirts in properly (if they were that way before u went in, that is). So this guy just walked out of the loo (no offense to muslims), but he's a muslim and you know how the guys do when they finish the do. I'll spare you the details. But what was obvious is that there was so much watermark on his backside when he walked past. Maybe his undies didn't absorb everything, or mayhap he wasn't wearing any. It was like he peed his pants, fullstop. Thing is, he couldn't do it any better than that. Shucks!

Ah, I think I'd rest my case, now that I've gotten those off my mind. It was quite a grumpy day and my grandma kept appearing to me in a dream saying that I had to talk about it else...
Talking about dreams, I really got to finishing this book over the weekend. It is those 192-pages type. I felt incomplete after reading all that thing about telepathy, out-of-body projections and psychokinesiology (psychokinetic manipulations) because my stimulant for reading it is half the world away and there'd be no practicing, at least for now. But that'd be something worth trying. The possibilities are endless, and to think that some people just have this ability inborn makes me so jealous. But till I can really get to try some of those, I'll just nurse it for now. And I finished this other Fantasy novel. Boy, the whole magic, sorcery, spells and stuff were killers. I'll post a spell I copied outta the book maybe in another post.

The rest (ramblings):

This song about "money can't buy me love" was on. I don't buy that totally. Money CAN and DOES buy one love. But it doesn't buy true love. That is the yardstick-true love. So it depends on individuals to be satisfied with what they can get. Buy ordinary love and be contented with that. Or whether to strive for true love. It's all with our choices, in the end. So, guys, ladies out there, strive for the money and make your choice. Money can buy you love, but maybe not true love. Make your choice, really!

Gripe: Now why does this S.O.B. think I'm not game enough to get a girl? Just cos I'm a nerd, or close to it, doesn't mean I cannot walk up to a girl and do my thang if I want to. Hmmmph...some guys with drama sha. I guess it's the same on both sides of d board.

Elections 2007:

On Saturday, April 14th, resident-citizens of the different 36 states in Naija went to the polls to elect their new governors, councillors (counselors?), and what not. Some states have confirmed the various results of the exercise, others are yet to agree to the outcome of theirs, still others would have to repeat theirs. Saturday, 21st will be the most crucial - the presidential elections. The first civilian government transition in the history of Naija. The international media have eyes on the whole thing.

Just like a lot of other Nigerians, this past Saturday, I was technically disenfranchised. It was one of the most thoroughly, lazy Saturday I've ever had in a long time. Awoke, lazied in bed, red some book, breakfast in bed, read more from the book, slept for hours, awoke, read the book, got out of bed, safe-strolled a little, brushed my teeth, took a bath, had lunch in bed, read the book, election over, strolled out, came home, watched some comedy, had supper, talked some...and went to bed! What a day! Well, my point is, a lot of people did not go out to vote. The few I called, exchanged txt msgs with tell me they are at home also. Like seriously, I am yet to meet someone who cast a vote. Not saying that no one did, I'm just surprised that ALL the people I know and have heretofore spoken with, didn't bother going out, some have "good" reasons for not voting. I'll pair them in two groups:

Group 1: Registered, but forgot their voter's card somewhere so automatically they will not be allowed to vote where they currently find themselves *without their card - and they could care less, really. You could tell from the way they responded when asked about their card and exercising their "civil responsibility".

Group 2: I fall under this category, say what u want. Well, we didn't even bother registering 'cos we really don't care. The outcome of the election is as good as settled, esp. the presidential election slated for the 21st. From the look of things, you may share our sentiments. Anyway, some day maybe this attitude will change. Time will tell, this is Naija!

Emmm, well for those who managed to vote, the results from the election says so much. I won't give any specific figures cos I really don't know for now, but you can get an idea from what I've got to say (if u care to read on). Let's take the beloved Lagos, for instance. Of the millions who reside in the state, the total result of votes cast, of all parties combined shows that a good number of the citizenry didn't vote. This can be attributed to the reasons in Groups 1 & 2 above. But a winner will always come forth, and of course a loser. Babatunde Fashola was said to have won in Lagos under the Action Congress umbrella. He fought it hard with the PDP aspirant, Tunde Obanikoro, but the win margin was higher. Lagos never liked PDP, anyways. The latter party will have a hard time winning in Lagos, just like previous elections have shown. I tend to like Lagos politics the more (though marred with so much mayhem). The results tend to be more plausible, compared to other states.

If you care so much to monitor the elections, you could check the Bullshit BroadCasting Corporation's (BBC) web site with "Special Reports" on the election. Or if you are more "patriotic" and fear reading something "regurgigated", follow up with the Independent National Electoral Commission's (INEC) web site . There's a pretty face somewhere in the flash presentation atop the page, so don't get distracted by that. Don't be lazy and play with the hyperlinks on the left side of the screen.

Enough politics, gotta get some food, cos I'm really hungry!

April 7, 2007

...more questions

It's a Saturday: Mom traveled so I had to make some food. We'd all be grinning and telling each other jokes till each of us fall asleep on our seats and then saunter into the rooms when we wake up somewhere in that involuntary slumber. But I looked ahead and saw it's going to be a long-ass weekend, then I was forced to act, cos if I don't, no one else would. I made this tongue-flaming red stew, correct rice, and bought plenty of fruit. My cousin paid a surprise visit from Lagos...and I should be at home chilling after I saw her off, but no, I'm here with more questions. No, I'm not thru. Just staring at the last update makes me ask more questions. I just sat down and all these thoughts started coming into my mind.

The way religion is practised here in Niaja, I could be wrong though, it appears there's no room for asking questions. Or maybe it's the role of religion on its own. Don't ask questions, just listen and obey and "it will be well with you". You know, it's the Word of God, it's a Holy Book, untainted, inspired of the Holy-Spirit. But at the same time, we've got our minds. We are built with intellect, tendency to ask questions, analyze information and have our brain work its mojo. But why is it, at least to me as it appears to be, that once we start questioning those things we've always believed, and held on to, it automatically translates to faithlessness and losing the faith? Falling to the mundane things of life? Or as one zealot once put it, "becoming Devil-hijacked"? Some people say, "follow your heart". The Bible says "the heart is treacherous. Who can know it?..." The human mind works in a selective manner. It chooses what to believe and discards the unwanted. One has to rein it. But how? Through some guidelines, like The Holy Book? Well, that brings into question the matter of God giving us a conscience and freewill. But is it really freewill when you have to be punished by doing what your heart says? Well, our actions cannot be without consequences. That is acceptable. So it is either you ride or die, huh? It's either God's way or the Devil's. And well we cannot get to understand the whole concept of why God does things the way he does them because according to the Bible, we "cannot fathom the dimensions of God's thoughts and ways". The width, length, depth and height - all of it. Yet we are asked in the Bible to search for God's wisdom. To dig deep for it. But why engage in a journey you know is already not going to yield so much, after all? I'm not here saying the Bible contradicts itself nor am I trying to talk anyone out of seeking God's wisdom. Just saying... Could it be what some people think it is, that we are pawns in this game between good and evil, after all? Are we really free? This freedom we so cherish, do we really have it in its real sense? Truth is elusive. Truth is what we make it. Truth is what truth is. Truth is overrated.

But why can't we just obey God and just move along? Like turn a blind-eye to our little worries? No! History has shown that man cannot do that. We've always wanted to do things "our way". And well God made us to want to do things our way, you know that freewill thing he's given each of us, but still he'll hold us accountable for how we use it. God sure has a lot of work on his hands in form of humans and Satan The Devil. Although he could care less about "attitude" from humans. Heck, the earth is just a teeny-teeny-teeny-tiny part of the whole big picture - the universe. He is Omnipotent. But we are told he is bothered by what goes on down here. So what gives?

Personally, I think it is okay to ask questions. Like I had this same discussion with someone who matters last week, I was told it is healthy to explore one's feelings without feeling bad. Almost, if not everyone on earth goes through a spell where they question things. It's all part of the human makeup. God made us that way, I believe. Let God deal with us all personally, eventually.

On other developments...

This past week, I have learned:

...To not say much about either party to either party. (I know what that means, I don't know whether or not you do, but does that matter? :P)
...To take responsibility for my actions
...To not shy away from the truth staring back at me when I stare at the mirror.
...To walk with my chin up and take on the world
,,,That fear should be fought. Fear is the enemy, like some would say
...To do everything I can so I can always look at myself, straight in the eye, without looking away from guilt


It's about time some girls quit using sex as bargain chips, to get their material needs satisfied. I mean he is your boyfriend/lover. You's not a ho, so you shouldn't start asking for that eye-shadow pack you've been eyeing just after either of you came. Yeah, he told me these things and it stung even listening to it...humph

Something for you to think about (What'd you do?):

*Is it odd to have two mothers? You know, you have this other woman in your life and she is as good as being everything your mother would be for you, just that you didn't slip out of her. There's someone like that in my life right now...

*I opened the pot of soup (licensed to do so, of course), rolled the spoon inside. I took some pieces of meat into my plate and was tempted to look further. I did a second lucky dip to source for fish, this time but alas! I found meat bigger than the pieces I already had on my plate. I replaced the ones I had in my plate with my new discovery. I'm not feeling guilty, but what do you think?

*Is it odd to write in red ink?

I hope you all enjoy your Easter break (if at all you are using it).