February 26, 2008

Wild imaginations:

'I don't want to do it', I offer

'Think', they all remark with grins, 'just come up with anything, anything is acceptable in this case, no matter how bizarre...'

Okay, I thought...and came up with this:

Most people love each other
Most people fight themselves
Most people make love to each other, same and heterosex
In most quarters, these get both reactions: acceptance and unacceptance
If humans can do these, why can't humans gladly eat each other?
Yes, killing is wrong, but people still kill
They say cannibalism is wrong, where are the cannibals? Why are most of them in hiding? Why can't they be allowed to also exercise their freewill?
There's gay and lesbian rights; why can't there be 'cannibal rights'?
Instead of killing indiscriminately, how about allowing the cannibals eat humans that are not fit to live?
And what is the yardstick to determine who is fit to live and and who isn't?
If that's the case where we decide to eat each other, we'd all kill ourselves off the earth...
In the end, how do you rationalize this...?

"Where in hell did you get that from?"

"I told you I didn't want to do it..."

February 22, 2008


...they've really got to get their act together and make their "web site" (abi is it portal self) usable. They set deadlines for enrollment, but entrants spend almost the whole day on three web pages filling in vital statistics, all of these can be done under about the same time spent sending two paragraphs' e-mail, at snail speed.

Emmm, we know it's important to come up to speed with making registrations easier and digitized, but then you need to tidy up your kini before you launch the site. Why must everything be so bad, eh!? Registration, wahala. Result check, wahala. Admission processing, assuming you escaped their ax, wahala. Being in school, wahala. As if the whole poor way of handling things isn't enough! Is it more memory or hard disk space required for your servers? Or your web servers run off the backyards of the tire market in Ladipo? (yeah yeah, we know that's how Google started), But what is it self? Are you the only ones that have web sites? ah-ah! Same thing applies to most other Nigerian institutions, banks not excluded.

I'm trying to do this for a friend. And no I'm not in those crappy internet cafés trying to fill this out. I've downloaded three different 65MB files while waiting and even thought to dust off the cobwebs that I came to clean up weeks ago on this joint.

Like one blogger says, Me sef, I tire!