March 25, 2008

Right Now

Right now.

I feel so random, my thoughts are vacillating, even though I haven't taken any drugs, yet
I have a sore-throat, I haven't had a sore-throat in a long time. Maybe it's the mango? I washed it well though...
I can't laugh as heartily as I want, my side kinda hurts when I do...maybe it's the throat
My coffee is cold...ugh
For the heck of it, I've thrown some bread slices in it, watching it get soggy and I'm pitter-pattering it with the spoon...I haven't been a kid in a while
I think I'm being 'too serious'. Is there any such thing as being too serious?
I feel sick
Why do those pine-apples have such grotesque look, like some skin condition? Maybe reading The 11th Plague was such a bad idea...I think it's cos I'm feeling sick
Sometimes i love being paranoid...I don't think one can be too careful
Why do some people still buy and cook with Vedan, Ajinomoto Glutamate seasoning?
What company still produces these things?
Why did God create Lizards? Roaches? Mosquitoes? Flies? Are these part of what Genesis said God saw and pronounced as 'good' after His creative exercise?
See some fine girl there now and I'm not even thinking of doing anything with her...
The air smells so good out there...from the soft rainfall last night. The smell of wet soil...corn...local pear...mmmm
Stop flashing me...I won't call you back.
Daffodil Lament by The Cranberries is kewl
I'm beginning to think less of getting high with booze...maybe this is a good thing...maybe
I love mom and dad
I love my finger(s) ring(s)
I love Snookie & Snookum
I love Mozilla FireFox...I love add-ons...I love OpenSource
I love the internet
I want a gun...
I like Madonna
I like T.A.T.U.
Why do I find the "Touch My Body" video funny?
Estelle, eleyin gan-gan, she's fine in her own way sha
Why am I suddenly "enjoying" all these R'n'B? tsk
Chris Brown, Jordin Sparks...hmmm
Is it just me, or did Alicia Keye's hips just get bigger in "No One"? Anything as hip implants?
Yanni IS weird
She loves her career...even with doing stitches. I wish I could handle literally seeing inside other peoples' bodies
I want a new job
Why do things seem to be happening slowly?
Is patience still a virtue when you are getting old and STILL can't get what you want?
Why is Jaja having so much fun? Or is he working hard?
Is ExSchoolNerd in school today? What's she thinking right now?
Did TRAE enjoy the rain yesterday? Was he even in Abuja self?...And Jeremy?
Rhea seems to be having fun...all the time, even when she claims she's got stuff going tough for her...
Catwalq is going to be coming the first female Buddha. Is there already a female Buddha?
Joomy...just reminded me of Gandhi (sp?)...I dunno why
SolomonSydelle, how long does she want to live for? She'd contest for Nigeria's first female president, I think...if the opportunity shows up
Why am I even thinking these things?
I need a pill...


Jummy said...

Oooh, very random but there are some gems in there.

Hmm, if you mean you're drinking the same amount of booze and getting less of a high, then that's a bad thing cuz you might want to them drink more to get the same high!

I like the smell of wet rich soil too.

Why do you want a gun? Feeling unsafe?

Lol hip implants.

Things may be happening slowly but time is flying by for me. Just wait till you get to your late 20s :)

Jaycee said...

Lollll....really really random...

Maybe it's the mango, maybe it wasn't washed down properly...

Or maybe the sight of pineapples, coakroaches, and mosquitoes are making u squeal in pain...or the sight of that fine girl over there...

Maybe u shd take a nap??? :)

30+ said...

Lol - This must be the randomest post I have ever read on blogivlle.

It must be the mango mixing with malaria virus.

Hip transplant, I won't be surprised.

Porter deHarqourt said...

Viva Randomness!

There are so many really great things in there, I'm with you on Estelle, Solomonsydelle!

trae_z said...

I love Mozilla FireFox...I love add-ons...I love OpenSource too! but i really should work more towards getting behind the scenes (or as near to that as possible) with their production crew. by the way what add-ons do you use?

and yeah i enjoyed the rain, it was welcomed big time as it's been hell a hot in Abuja of late. i full ground oh but very soon i'll be in Adamawa for a couple of days.

Ms. Catwalq said...

U r in another zone entirely men...

whatchu need a gun for?

Oh,I don't want to be Buddha. Too mny people I have to be responsible for....

but u r right on the money with Solomonsydelle....

badderchic said...

u alright baby?

a bit too random...actually crazy! no! nice. woreva!


random thoughts from the Yosh man. hip implants? lol!

As for my run for President, well only if you will work on the team...

Take it easy, my brotha!

The Last King Of Scotland said...

i guess u r just ranting. it happens. u want a u dont

exschoolnerd said...

r u okay?

N.I.M.M.O said...

OK. I think we've had enough of your randomness.

Update please.

And, you're sooo right about Solomonsydelle.

Ms. Catwalq said...


Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

lmao.. talk about random and whyever didnt i get a shoutout... chai i no fit believe am.. my own personal blog therapist has deserted me.. i'm going to sulk now... and yeah Tatu, britney and mozilla rock!!! If you come and dance to radar with me then maybe i might pull an envelope of forgiveneess from my heart.. OTHERWISE!!!


Just checking in on you, my brother. Stop by one of my blogs and let me know how you are doing. or simply update.

TinTin said...

lmaooooooooo @ estelle, eleyin gan-gan

Mz. Dee said...

lol.. very random post but i cant help but admire ure free spirit!
I think uve found a new fan..lolz!